KHS Flite 747 Road Bike

An XXL bike is hard to find, and this one is truly designed for tall guys. KHS Flite 747 - XXL (65cm effectively) or 3XL (67cm effectively). Effective seat tube lengths are 64cm and 66cm. Actual seat tube lengths are shorter due to the sloping top tube and to the higher bottom bracket used for longer cranks.

A road bike or gravel bike for big and tall cyclists, designed by Lennard Zinn specifically for taller riders. 

Bicycles for Tall Riders


The Flite 747 comes in 2XL or 3XL only and is spec'd with Shimano 105 11-Speed Shifters and Derailleurs, hydraulic disc brakes, 200mm cranks, 46cm handlebars, and 32mm tire clearance. Complete bike weighs 29 lbs for a 2XL. This is undoubtedly one of the best bicycles for tall riders available anywhere. Search bicycle for tall man and the KHS Flite 747 is the best deal you will find.



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